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Argaman Diamonds
We’ve spent over 22 years building close relationships within the diamond industry. We work closely with our clients to understand their customer base. The satisfaction of our clients and their customers is our top priority. We travel far and near in search of our wares, acquiring choice rough stones from trusted, long-time contacts in Canada, Israel, India, Belgium and all across the United States. We go the extra distance to acquire only Kimberly Certified, conflict-free diamonds. We are proud to say that we purchase no river mining stones from East Africa. As our founder, Dror Argaman says to our sales reps; “If it’s from Zimbabwe, walk away.”

Those who buy from us include independent jewelry stores, high volume jewelry retailers, and other reputable diamond dealers. But not only are we buyers – we are artisans as well. We handcraft our own unique diamond bracelets and rings, specializing in fancy yellow stones.

We have “the eye”. We know our stones and know how to price them fairly. We’ve spent over twenty years developing our business and because of our established relationships throughout the industry, we can guarantee our clients professional, informed, efficient service.

If diamonds are your passion and your business – you’ll love working with us. We are always available to share our knowledge with you and learn more about your needs

Argaman serves the diamond trade; buying and selling a wide array of quality stones. We cater our diamond selection to meet each client’s needs. Our aim is to continue to nurture our long-time business relationships and cultivate new ones by giving the best customer service possible.
The Argaman Team

We bring a range of knowledge and experience to the table. From international diamond sales and purchases, to our relationships with master diamond cutters all around the world, to applying our own artisanship to select pieces; we are deeply imbedded in the industry.

Our focus is convenience for our clients. People often tell us that we’re fast, flexible and easy to work with. And our response? Well, after 22 years of doing it – we’re not surprised. And we’re proud that we can offer the most efficient service possible to the people that work with us.

On behalf of the Argaman team, we look forward to working with you!
Featured Staff:

Here’s a little bit about some of the fine people who have helped Argaman grow to become your personal connection to the global diamond trade.

Our Founder
Prior to founding his own company, Dror Argaman spent fifteen years as President of SFD Trading Inc., a large diamond trader/wholesaler situated on the west coast. During his time at SFD, Dror became known for his efficient technique and attentive eye. By the time he had started his own business, Dror had already established a network of relationships within the diamond industry that spanned the globe. And thanks to Dror’s founding philosophy of fast, flexible and attentive customer service, Argaman Diamonds has grown into a thriving business.